Why Is Online Poker Becoming So Popular In Canada?

Playing poker online bring a whole new range of experiences instead of playing poker at a casino. Firstly, when playing poker online, players can sample many different games and not have to stick with a particular game if their interest is lost. Players do not have to think about travelling to a poker playing establishment or organise times and dates when fellow poker playing friends are free to play. Online poker offers flexibility, players can play at their own convenience without the necessity of planning an evening out which suits all.

Many Canadians find that they enjoy online poker more than playing poker in a casino. Another benefit of being able to sample different games is that different variations of games can also be discovered. These can improve those casino poker nights by adding a new aspect to a game which players many not even have realised existed.

From the comfort of your home, online poker has become an addition to many Canadian’s existing hobbies. Many players choose to play alongside their poker buddies, enjoying the convenience and stress free atmosphere at home. A major advantage that poker players have found is that opponents are unable to read poker ‘tells.’ By playing online opponents do not have the opportunity to read body language and pick up vital clues which are otherwise visible and on display at a live game. Clues such as: a player’s speech, a player’s breath and the way a player bets or holds their hand.

The love of poker has advanced and developed quickly across Canada during the last decade. Online poker has become more and more available and pleasurable to poker enthusiasts across the country with the advent of enhanced website security and more modern and high tech technology developing day by day. With the increased availability and enjoyment of poker, Canadians are now looking for up and coming news with regards to Poker and the most obvious of places this can be found is at

PokerStars is the worlds’ largest online poker room. With professional Canadian Poker Players such as Daniel Negreanu and Jonathan Duhamel on board, PokerStars offers poker in a different league. The site offers a huge game selection with 24/7 accessibility for players. Players have the options to play more than one table at a time. Playing at more tables equates to more money in the pocket.

The site offers a ‘school,’ enabling players to learn new games and practise with small stakes or play free poker. Even marketing codes are available to players which give away free bonuses to players when they decide to register.

It’s no wonder that is Canada’s number one choice for online poker.