Poker In Canada

Poker In Canada was the poker site that advertised itself as the site for Canadian poker players.

In 2010 Poker In Canada (PIC) merged with another poker room on the Action Poker Network, TigerGaming.

Since the merger, TigerGaming has had problem after problem, and now is not a safe place to play anymore.

I suppose that the first warning sign for this room, and the Action Poker network in general, was when they stopped paying their advertising partners. There was some corporate dexterity whereby the owner of the network sold out to another company and so on. The end result was that a lot of their partners were not paid, or were only partially paid.

Now there are reports of their few remaining players having a lot of difficulty getting their money out. Of course stories like this are never substantiated until the room in question actually closes down, but online gamblers have to be cautious when it comes to the safety of their money.

Other Canadian Poker Sites

Moving on, there is another poker room that says it is focussed on Canadian players. That is called PokerCanada. We checked them out and tried to promote them for a while, but unfortunately our experience with them was not good. In fact it was very, very bad.

There is absolutely no support what so ever. Any email we sent was not responded to. Ever. And they still owe us money. So, basically, do not go there.

That is it for Canada-focussed poker rooms. Of course, most of the ordinary (that is, not Canada focussed) poker rooms happily accept players from Canada.

Poker Sites for Canadians

A big part of playing poker online involves reading reviews of online poker rooms. It is good advice to read more than one review to get a good all round feel for any particular poker room that you are considering playing in. Every review is going to be biased at least a little bit, so reading more than one will give you a more rounded view of a particular poker site.

This site is more focussed on the free money side of poker and not too bothered about reviews of actual poker rooms.

It also pays for online poker players and gamblers to keep up to date with the various big news stories that make the headlines. Sadly, we are not a great news site either. But there are some really great sites that do cover all the latest happenings in the world of internet poker, and cover it well. You should ocnsider making it a habit to read these sites occasionally to keep up to date.