Getting paid with rakeback

When playing poker you do not play against the house like with blackjack for example, but you play against the other players at the table. Having said that, have you ever wondered how an online poker room earns their money?

Online poker rooms invest a lot of money to keep their website up to date with all the new technical features. In order for them to have the best and very reliable software they take a small percentage of each pot in return. You could call it a sort of membership fee so the rooms can offer 24 hours a day busy tables at all different stakes and all other services.

The percentage a room takes is called- rake- and is between 5 – 10 %, but never more than $5 per pot. It seems like a small percentage but if you have played for a couple of hours, you can only imagine how much money went to the poker room.

So how does rakeback work?

Through certain websites like, the player will be able to get part of their paid rake back, also called rakeback, as this money is paid to the players account every week or month. The frequency of how often you receive rakeback depends on the poker room. At Absolute Poker for example, you will get paid by the 18th of the following month.

One of the highest percentages of rake is given at Carbon Poker. They offer 35 % and this poker room also allows US-citizen players. If you have played for one month and paid $500 rake, then you will receive $175 back on your players account at the end of that month.

The only rakeback site worth talking about

To become one of these players receiving rakeback, you simply need to sign up through a reliable rakeback website. As mentioned above is the perfect choice. Through their daily rake-updates you can see for yourself how much money you have already raked for this month.

Their website gives a clear overview of all the rakeback offers and sign-up bonuses in the online poker rooms. They have many promotions so you can really make the most of it and with their useful Rakeback Calculator you can even calculate your raked hands per hour.

Why wait? Do not let the poker rooms take all your play money, instead sign-up for rakeback and save yourself a lot of money. No matter if you win or lose the only guaranteed income at the end of each month is rakeback.