Double bingo speed for more prizes

Online bingo has already revolutionised the buzz of bingo and the speed of gaming - but now a new generation of bingo games, called 'speed bingo' is starting to hit the web, offering even more exhilaration and rewards! So - just how fast is speed bingo? Well, the games have the power to fire out about 60 balls per minute - super charging the standard bingo ball rate. The good news is you can set your gaming to auto-daub or rely on the computer to indicate when you've won - so don't worry about missing any winning balls!

Speed bingo has some seriously cool advantages. For example, the games are so fast that it's impossible for a classic 90 ball bingo game to last longer than 90 seconds, meaning the rewards can feel never ending and it's 100% all-action. If you add live-chat into the equation, it's total bingo madness!

Next-up is the non-stop gaming action - with as little as 2 minutes between the end of one game, and the start of another! So, if you buy a few tickets in advance, there's just enough time for a natter, before the next speed bingo games launches into action.

At the present time, there are no bingo sites 100% dedicated to speed bingo. Instead, speed bingo is becoming a common bonus game, or offered at special times of the day or week. For most people, the odd session of speed bingo is awesome excitement, but the adrenalin rush can be a bit much when played all the time! Check out each individual bingo site to see if they offer speed bingo.

The good news is speed bingo doesn't need any special skills to play, and the rules are generally identical to classic 90 and 75 ball bingo games. Some speed bingo games may offer special bonus prizes, in addition to progressive jackpots and standard payouts.